Top 3 Computer virus attacks

Computer Virus Attack in real-world


In this post, you will learn the Top 3 Computer virus attack in the real world. I have already written a post on Computer viruses, and it’s types and mechanisms to read [Click here].

Top 3 Computer Virus Attacks

Let’s see a small recap on what is a virus? A computer virus is a type of Malware, The computer virus are very similar to real flu viruses because both can spread themselves. Computer Virus stands for “Vital information resources under seize“. The speciality of a virus is once it enters into a device, it can replicate itself and can also spread to connected devices.

Nimda – 2001 Virus Attack

NIMDA Virus attack

Nimda cyberattack was first noticed in the year 2001 and this was a DDoS attack. This attacks primary target is to slow down the Internet and this Malware also affected normal users computers. Nimda is a three type of Malware, which means Trojan horse carried worms and virus and the dominant attack here was Virus. So, Cyber experts claim this as a Virus Attack.

Later, after time passes this Malware starts to disappear, After a windows update this Malware was disappeared.

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I LOVE YOU – 2000 Computer Virus

This is one of my favourite Malware. This Malware was first found in the year 2000 and the guy who invented this malware is a college student, His name is Onel De Guzman. So, what does this I LOVE YOU Malware does?


This Malware enters through Via Mails and the text in the mail will be like “I LOVE YOU” and anyone who sees the mail will fall in Love with the end-users. The mail was so, romantic so, everyone started to open the mail and also spread it across the USA and because of this problem Pentagon and Government organisation has shutdown E-mails for short period.

This Malware infected almost 10 million computers. After windows and Anti-virus update the malware was compromised.

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Stuxnet -2010 Computer Virus

Stuxnet is a type of Virus but cyber experts bring this malware as the subset of Worms. This Malware was first noticed in the year 2010 and got an upgrade in 2015.

This is a type of government-sponsored cyberattack. This Virus was developed by the US and Israeli computer engineers, The primary target here is to disrupt and dismantle Iran’s nuclear program. This Stuxnet malware was spread through USB injecting.


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