Top 3 Trojan Attacks in real life

Trojan Attack: Top 3 Trojan Attacks in real life


Trojan Attack: In this post, you will learn, Top 3 Trojan Attacks in the real world. Also, I have already written a post on Trojan and how it works, and it’s the most common type to Read[click here].

Top 3 Trojan Attacks in real-world

Let’s see a small recap on what is Trojan or Trojan Horse? Trojan or Trojan Horse type of Malicious software created by cybercriminals, This malware acts as a host. This means carries other malware and infiltrates into a device by hiding in a trusted Application. This Trojan Malware can create a backdoor Attack.

Rakhni Trojan – 2013 Trojan Attack

Raknhi Trojan was first found in the year 2013. This Malware enters through Via E-mails and when the users click the Trojan will take over the device. Rakhni Trojan is a targeted attack, This Malware particularly attacks corporate companies, And sends financial related documents.

Rakhni screenshot Trojan Attack


This Malware will be in a PDF Format, asks the user to open the document, and it asks “To consult click here” Once the users click the Malware removes Windows defender and install a fake certificate.

This Malware’s primary target is to install a crypto miner and generate Monero or dash coins without the user’s knowledge. Or if there is no way to mine crypto, the Rakhni Trojan is designed to encrypt all files and demand Ransom.

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Zeus – 2006 Trojan Attack

Zeus or Z bot, Cybersecurity Experts says this Zeus Malware is one of the successful attacks, which means the cybercriminals target is achieved. This malware can carry other types of malware and one of the successful attacks was against the US Department of Transportation.

This Malware was first noticed in the year 2006 and slowly started to dominate in the malware world. Firstly this Malware was designed to steal user’s banking credentials and later customized again to encrypt users files and demanded either 2000 to 10k dollars.

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Wire net – 2012 Trojan Attack

Wire net is one of the notable Trojan Attacks, Firstly this Trojan Malware was found in 2012. The Wire net is a password-stealing Malware. Its primary target is to gather users login credentials. Its primary target is Linux based systems and that’s why many of them migrated to Windows OS.

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