What is bar code? Differnce between bar code and QR Code

What is Bar code? Difference between Bar code and QR code


In this post, you will learn what is a Bar code and the differences between Bar code and QR Code.

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What is Bar code?

A Bar codes contains bars and spaces, Where the bar codes contain data of a particular product. Generally, the bar codes will be in a single dimension and can store less than 1000 Characters.

What is bar code. How hey works exactly

The whole diagram is Bar codes. The start character and stop characters indicate the starting and ending points of the data. And that’s why in bar codes we can only scan horizontally. The black lines store the product data. Finally, the check digit ensures the bar codes data are correct. There is also another component of Bar codes that is the quiet zone or the margins. The quiet zone indicates to scan inside the margins.

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Difference between Bar code and QR Code

QR CodeBar Code
The QR Code was invented in 1994The bar codes was developed in 1952
QR Code is only 2-dimensional Bar codes can be either 1 dimensional or
2 dimensional
QR is based on Morse code technologyEven the Bar code is based on Morse code technology
Only one QR Code can be scanned at onceOnly one Bar code can be scanned at once
QR codes are widely in useBar codes uses are reduced
QR Codes are fasterBar codes are slower
On average QR Code contains 1897 characters Contains less than 1000 characters
Stores information horizontally and verticallyStores data horizontally only
QR Code will be arranged in squares and in patternsBar codes will be in vertical arrangement of parallel lines
Mostly used in every products Only used in grocery products and manufacturing products

QR code is much faster and widely used in many places. In my opinion, Bar codes are very popular than QR Code. Even though, we use QR code in our everyday life. In my opinion, bar codes are very popular. Soon bar codes are going to be expired and there will be more use of QR Codes only.

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