What is Captcha? Is Captcha really blocking robots

What is a Captcha? Is CAPTCHA really blocking robots!


In this post, you will learn what is a Captcha and how they work exactly. And in addition, you will also learn is Captcha really blocking robots.

Probably everyone using the Internet would have seen CAPTCHA at least once in their lifetime. Those sticky, creepy Captcha started to appear in almost every site we visit and if you knew something very informative about captcha. Please comment down below.

What is a CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA Stand for “Completely Automated Public Turning Test to Tell Computer and Human Apart”. Still, computer science is lacking Acronyms. Just Kidding!

Generally, Captcha’s and reCAPTCHA appear at any sites to block automated bots.

The captcha was first created at Carnegie Mellon University in the late 90s. Captchas came at live firstly in Alta Vista search engine, one of the oldest search engines. Alta Vista team wanted to stop automated computer programs or Bots. These Bots and automated programs will spread tons of Malicious software programs to their database and to prevent from that Alta Vista team created Captchas as barriers.

How does a Captcha work?

The Alta Vista, engineers team came with an idea called OCR (Optical character recognition). OCR can be read easily by humans and bots.

But, Alta Vista engineers made it much more difficult for a bot to read. The Captchas force the bots and users to read the text displayed in the screen and wanted to enter the text into a box correctly.

The Captchas letters were slightly misaligned and with some stray marks. As the bots can easily ready a plain text, Alta Vista engineers made it difficult for bots to read.

The first captcha developed by Alta vista looked something like this.

The above is a text captcha and similarly, there is also Audio captchas for Visually impairment.

Audio Captcha’s will not be very clear and there will be a wobble while the text is read. Some texts will be read in high pitch and some will be read in low pitch, some text will be only half-read. Humans can easily guess and recognize the words, but for bot’s it is very hard to recognize.

Are Captcha really blocking bots

The answer will be yes, Captcha is created to block bots. But in some cases the captcha’s answer will already given to the user computer and the bot’s just steal the answer and log in without even solving the puzzle. But don’t get worried. Nowadays, Captcha’s getting very much improved.

You might also see more Captcha if you are using VPN. Generally, Captcha targets the users who hide the identification.


In conclusion, I recommend you to use a strong powerful VPN, and they will stop bots even if they crack the pass the Captcha’s. To learn What is a VPN [Click here].

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