Enum4Linux Full Tutorial | Noob to Pro | 2024


In this post, You will learn how to use the enum4linux tool and below is the video format of the post do check it out… ????????

If you have any doubts comment down below, Let me clarify it…❤️


Who developed the enum4linux tool

This tool is written by timbrown from Cisco. Yep he is working Cisco and also many other contributed to this tool and this tools is written for an alternative to the enum.exe

Now, This tool is maintained by the CiscoCXSecurity Labs.


What is enum4linux❓

Enum4linux is an Enumeration tool for windows OS, and also samba system.

It also offers similar functionality to enum.exe formerly available from bindview.exe, Enum4linux is written in perl language.

Basically a wrapper around the Samba tools smbclient, rpclient, net and nmblookup. The samba package is therefore a dependency.

To install this tool just enter the below command.

sudo apt install enum4linux

Useful Commands

    -U        get userlist
    -M        get machine list*
    -S        get sharelist
    -P        get password policy information
    -G        get group and member list
    -d        be detailed, applies to -U and -S
    -u user   specify username to use (default "")
    -p pass   specify password to use (default "")

Features in enum4linux

  • RID Cycling (When RestrictAnonymous is set to 1 on Windows 2000)
  • User Listing (When RestrictAnonymous is set to 0 on Windows 2000)
  • Listing of Group Membership Information
  • Share Enumeration
  • Detecting if host is in a Workgroup or a Domain
  • Identifying the remote Operating System
  • Finally Password Policy Retrieval (using polenum)


How to use Enum4Linux

In this example metasploitable-2 was used, Further all the commands are mentioned down below.

Example 1, Getting user list

Getting the user list. Besides getting a user list is used to get the users available in a system. Moreover process comes after a successful exploitation.

enum4linux -U

Example 2, Get share list

Share list helps to find the directories available in system.

enum4linux -S

Example 3, Get password policy information

The user password policy will be displayed, such as password length and much more.

enum4linux -P

Example 4, Get OS information

Get the OS information from the user.

enum4linux -o

Example 5, Ldap server information

Get’s information related to LDAP Server.

enum4linux -l

Example 6, Netbios Information

This tool also does a nblookup, Which means gives some solid information about bios information.

enum4linux -n

Example 7, All Enumeration

To run an all simple enumeration, Then use the -a command. Makes your work damn simple.

enum4linux -a


Yep, ???????? This is a great tool. Has tons of features and even while playing CTF I use this tool a lot and also I do recommend you to check the alternatives smbmap and smbclient.

Finally That’s see you in next post ❤️????


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