How forget password works and its mechanism

How forget password mechanism work? Explained


In this post, you will learn how forget password mechanism works? It is been a million-dollar question and I have come with the exact answer.

How exactly forget password works?

  1. Firstly the user enter into the login page and tries to log in with username or password but most of them fail to log in with username and does it with user E-mail. But now the user comes to know he has forgotten the password.
  2. Now, the user click forget password. Once the user click, it redirects to a page and ask for the user given mail or username or phone number.
  3. Once the user give the required information, then a random string is created and then the string hashed and becomes temporary password.
  4. Then the user receives a mail attached link, and it looks something like
  5. The above is the hashed password. Now the user can click on the link and generate a new password and can update.

Source: How it works

How to forget password works

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But how does the password send to the correct person?

Great question, It is because of GUID (Globally unique identifier). When user give forget password according to unique identifier, you are given the temporary hashed password link.

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