What is Incident Response explained

What is Incident response in cybersecurity exactly?


Incident Response, The term incident response sounds like something emergency. In this post, you will learn what is Incident response. And what will and blue teams do in incident response cyber attacks. I have already written a post on what is a red and blue team in cybersecurity to Read go to search and type the keyword.

What is Incident Response?

A group cybersecurity people working in the company immediately responding to a live cyber attack towards the company is called Incident response. In other words we can call it as immediately responding to cyberattack.

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How Incident Response work!

Let’s assume a fictitious company name called Ford, here Ford is a IT company. Now, The company is suddenly facing some errors in the systems and they call the IR(Incident Response) team to solve it.

Take a look at the image below on what happens next.

Incident Response step 1 to step 7
  1. First the company sytems was working perfectly. No problem are detceted here.
  2. Suddely the user click a mail which looks professional, once the user click the mail some errors satrts to occur in the users device. And even other system starts to face the same problem because some malwares ca replicate itself and can spread to connected devices.
  3. Now the sensor such as IDS and IPS (Intrusion detection sensor & Intrusion prevention sensor) are not working properly.
  4. After facing some problem the user calls authorities, who can handle the problem.
  5. In the help desk the authorites will ask about the cyberattacks and file it.
  6. Now, the help desk should have guessed the cyberattack and IOC , security incident created.
  7. Now, comes the IR team and sees the file what type of attack and does the cyber startegies.

After the 7th step the IR team forms three group. That is once group should face the press and the second should face the cyber attack and third group should check other systems.

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Is Incident Response(IR) Necessary?

Yes, IR is very much necessary in today world. The cyberattack compared to last year increased twice and some attacks takes 229 days to compromise the device. At the live cyberattack, If there is IR Team they can immediately compromise the device so, the hacker cannot infiltrate a back door attack.

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What will Red and Blue Team do?

While explaining about IR in the previous paragraph you may thought that the Blue team is the IR team. Yes, you are correct here blue team is compromising the device. And even the Red team is involved in the IR Team. The Red team should able to give a valid information how they came in and why they didn’t check for the exact vulnerability and even while give a IR Report the Blue and Red team both together should give a report.

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According to me most of the companies are not having a IR Team and they must keep the team. Only 5% of the companies do have a Incident response team. Keeping a IR team can reduce the cyberattacks.

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