How IoT involved in cyberattacks

How IoT(Internet of things) is involved in a cyberattack?


In this post, you will learn what is IoT device and how it works exactly and how does IoT is involved in cyberattacks. And I will also relate how the IoT is involved with the cyberattack with an example.

What is IoT?

IoT stands for Internet of things, When I say internet of things it includes any device which has an internet connection is called the Internet of things.

I have mentioned some IoT’s devices most often used on daily basis they are;

  1. “Smart” Home Devices
  2. Industrial Sensors
  3. Smart Automobiles
  4. Smart Cameras
  5. Manufacturing Robots
  6. Healthcare/Fitness Devices

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How do IoT devices work?

An IoT device works only with Internet connections, If the IoT’s is not having an Internet connection then it is not an IoT’s device. There is an active and also inactive IoT device.

When I say active IoT’s(Internet of things) devices they are connected with the Internet, Inactive means the IoT’s devices are partially connected to the Internet.

If you know how a wifi-enabled Light works then you know how the IoT’s devices work. So, If you don’t know how wifi enables light works visit here. [click here]

How is IoT involved in cyberattacks?

IoT involved in cyberattacks

This is a very interesting part where many IoT’s are involved in cyberattacks says, cyber experts. Let’s take an example of how internet enable devices are involved in attacks.

DDoS attacks, I hope you know very well about what is DDoS. If you don’t have any idea about what is DDoS visit here. [click here]

In most DDoS attacks, only the Internet of things is involved, the reasons why cybercriminals compromise Internet of things devices is because of the following reasons;

  1. Easy to compromise
  2. Kaspersky says IoT’s haves default passwords
  3. No tracing

Easy to compromise – When I say easy to compromise the devices can be compromised at the enumeration stages themselves. Even at the Information gathering, the IoT’s will be fully compromised.

Default passwords – Yes, I accept this many IoT’s devices have default passwords set by the company. Once the buyer receives an IoT device he/she should change the default password.

No tracing – When I say no tracing, most of the IoT owners never care about their phones, So, the tracing is kind of a little low. But If a cybercriminal uses a decentralized botnet attack is really very tough to find the criminals.

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There is one suggestion that I wanted to give to you that is to go and change your default IoT device passwords. And also check for any malware in your IoT devices using Malwarebytes.

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