what is kon boot? how it works

Kon boot: What is it? How does Kon-boot work!!!


In this post, you will learn what is kon-boot and how does it work and Kon-book is mostly used for compromising or recovery of passwords. This post is just an overview of what is tool is and I am not performing any commands here. I have already written a separate post on how to work with the tool. The post is available in the hacking tools menu.

What is Kon-boot?

Kon-boot is a tool that is used to compromise or bypass users password prompt very easily, This tool is only very effective in windows systems. The tool was created and developed by Piotr bania and got its initial release in the year 2008.

In order to bypass a device, a user should be physically closer to the target. Yes, this tool is very effective only if the user is very near to the target objective.

The tool can e used by both Windows and Mac users but unfortunately not the Linux based systems. The tool is getting continuous updates and the vulnerabilities are pathed continuously. So, this tool is still very effective in this era.

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How do Kon-boot works?

In order to perform this attack, the user should be very near to the target, So the attacker can get inside an organisation using social-engineering techniques.

Once the attacker gets inside the organisation/company and now find the target system. Once identified the kon boot should be readily booted in a live cd or a bootable flash drive.

Kon boot used by system privileges

screenshot credit: By Henrypentest – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=106949878

And just enter the boot cd or the flash drive and starts to work like a bootkit, which means the tool is very much effective. It can inject itself into the system kernel. From a hackers perspective, we can say the hacker may add vulnerabilities in the kerne, Which is Game Over!

The kon-boot is also used for some good activities such as recovering passwords. Just enter the boot cd or flash drive and enter as a guest and download all the databases in the system from system 32 and the tool does the reset by fixing the password correctly.

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Alternatives for Kon-boot!!!

According to my knowledge, the best alternative for kon boot is hiern’s boot cd and also the Linux live CDs are very effective. But overall hiern’s boot cd is my favourite.

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