what is live cd compromising

Hiren’s boot cd: A way to compromise the system


In this post, you will learn what is Hiren’s boot cd and also we are going to see the Linux live cd? How the live CDs are effective in compromising and I have already written a blog post on what is Kon boot. Kon boot is very similar to Hiren cd and also the Linux live cd to read about kon boot visit here.

What is Hiren’s boot cd?

Hiren’s boot is a bootable software created to compromise systems. The tool is very effective against windows systems. One can easily boot into the system with the live bootable disk. This tool is not only helpful for compromising devices also helpful for recovering passwords.

To execute the cd, the user should be very near to the target computer. He/she could enter into a company using social engineering attacks.

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How does Hiren’s boot cd work?

Firstly, the user should burn the software in a bootable cd or flash drive. And then find the target and enter the cd or flash drive and enter as a guest account.

Hiren's boot

Pic credit: De Thedemon007 – Trabajo propio, CC0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=14610337

Once he/she enters into a guest account, a just company the system’s database or we can just manipulate the system 32 by adding malicious software in the maginifiers.exe.

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How Linux live cd’s works?

The Linux live cd also works as the kon boot and Hiren boot cd and the Linux distribution already have live bootable cd’s and downloads.

The Linux Live CD enables one to access all the files contained in a Windows computer directly. It is surprisingly easy to do
this, and it is also completely free. When I say all files it is everything but the files will be in an encrypted format.


In summary, the tool is very effective and still, we can do these kinds of system compromising. But this kind of compromise is also risky because the hackers should go near to the target. The second is even if the hacker gets the database it is really very hard to decrypt the data.

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