Hacking Windows Password With LaZagne


In this post, You will Learn How to use LaZagne and cracking windows password in seconds. If you have any doubts, comment down below 👇🏾

What is LaZagne

LaZagne is a tool that’s open-source and designed to help you recover a bunch of passwords stored on your own computer. Different operating systems or software store their passwords using various methods like plain text, custom algorithms, or databases.


How LaZagne Works

LaZagne operates by retrieving the passwords stored locally on the system, decrypting them, and providing the output in a readable format, typically in clear text.

Download LaZagne

You can download the tool using the link provided below.


Be sure to choose the .exe format for Windows. Once the download is finished, use the command line (CMD) to navigate to the directory where the file is saved.

Additionally, ensure that the CMD terminal is run with administrative privileges to extract the password from the Windows system.

Dump Windows Password

To extract the Windows password, enter the following command in the command prompt terminal.

LaZagne.exe windows

Here, you can see that the password was discovered, and it is “Letmein1982”.

Note: Please understand that all the information is utilized for expanding knowledge and not for malicious or damaging purposes.


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