Shodan: “Dark Google” Full explained from scratch | updated 2024


In this post, you will learn about the shodan tool and it is one of the best information-gathering tools out there on google.

By end of this post, you will be familiar with the shodan tool and below is the video format of the post, check it out πŸ‘‡πŸΎ


What is Shodan ❓

Shodan is an Information gathering website and it is also called “Dark Google” or “Hackers google

You may ask what does the shodan website do?

Basically, using the shodan website we can search for publicly available computers, IoT devices and if your luck is awesome you may also find the credentials to access the password and IoT devices.

Almost, Every place in the world is covered by the shodan site, Which means we can see any devices from all the different continents.

There is a free version and a pro version and I have a pro version. I personally tell to people to get a pro version of shodan.

Because The shodan site is combined of tons of information.

To access the shodan site: πŸ‘‡πŸΎ


How to use shodan site πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

Just follow the below examples and I am sure that by end of this post you will be familiar with using the tool.

Example1, searching target

When entering into you can see this interface πŸ‘‡πŸΎ


First of go and log in or register for a new account. You can also use a Google account to signup.

So, in the first example, we will see how to use the search bar.

Let’s assume that you know a random target and you just enter into search option you can find some awesome information.

For eg: Iam just entering the cisco router in the search.


From the above screenshot, we can see all the router screenshots that are awesome. Also on the left side menu, you can see the total result, country, open ports, organisation, product, OS.

All this are great information.

As Kaspersky said most of the IoT devices use default passwords and all these are publicly available and Iam sure that all these cisco routers are having default passwords.


Example2, Hostname and Country

Now, using the hostname and country to filter out the result, the target I am searching for is IIS servers running IIS 8.0 in Microsoft and the country is the US

IIS 8.0 Hostname: Country: US

Example3, City and Country command

The City and Country commands allow you to narrow down the geographic location of your

country:US city:Memphis

Example4, Hostname, command

Scan an entire domain with the hostname command


You can also use the full form of the domain name or the URL


Example5, Net command

Scan a single IP or a whole netblock range using the net command.


Example6, Title command

You can also search for items using the Title command

title:β€œServer Room”

Probably the most popular way to search Shodan is using a body keyword search.

apache/2.2.8 200 ok


Shodan is an awesome site where you can get unbelievable information and it is the best site for information gathering. I hope this post helped you a lot. Read my other latest blogs ????????


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