What is a data breach? How does a data breach work exactly!

What is a data breach? How data breach occurs!


In this post, you will learn what is a data breach is and how a data breach occurs. In this post, I have also said how to check your data are breached or not. This post is going to be very informative, so, share it with your friends and family.


What is a data breach?

The leak of personal information or data from a server or system without users knowledge is called a data breach. In other words, exposure of your information to the public is called a databreach. A databreach occurs both online and offline. Let’s see an example of both online databreach and offline databreach.

Example of an offline databreach: Suppose a nurse is searching for patient detail and if someone sees an ahead and check the information is also called data breach.

Example of Online databreach: Maximum online databreach occurs in targeted websites. I think you better knew all the information you give online. Hackers target a website and do DDoS Attack and breach all the data from the website including users data who have given their information. And this is an online databreach.

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How data breach occurs

Databreach generally occurs because of users behaviour or the software you are using. If a databreach occurs to an individual the maximum probability is the user’s behaviour or software. On the other hand, if a databreach occurs on a site there are many ways to occur. I have mentioned some ways on how databreach on a site;

Malicious software

Most cybercriminals use Malicious software to breach data or steal personal information. This method is widely used by most cybercriminals.

stolen devices

Suppose you leave your device unlocked in a coffee shop and you forget to take it with you and if someone takes and use your data it is also called a databreach.

CO – Workers

Major companies like yahoo and canva have faced databreach. This is not because of malicious software or hackers alone it is also because some culprits inside the companies sell the company data for money.

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How to prevent a data breach

  • Update the software frequently.
  • Change your password often.
  • Keep a three-step verification.
  • Stop clicking unwanted links.
  • If it is a company soon find the loop and fix them.

How to check your data is breached or not

I have given a link to two sites they are Firefox monitor and Avast monitor. Just go there and enter the mail which is most probably attacked. And they will list what are companies have breached your data.

Avast Monitor: https://www.avast.com/hackcheck

Fire fox Monitor: https://monitor.firefox.com

Enter into the site > Enter your mail > They will display the companies that breached your data > Now Change Password accordingly.

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