What is a Skimmer device? How to detect one!


I this post you will learn what exactly is a skimmer device and how does it work !. Also in addition you will learn how to detect a skimmer device?

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What is a skimmer device?

A skimmer device is an illegal part of an ATM, Cybercriminals use this device to steal credit card information. Remember, the skimmerdevice is used to steal the credit card number only, not the password. The cyber criminals should manually attach the skimmer device, in addition, they also attach a keylogger or a small camera to check the password you enter. The skimmerdevice is usually present in the credit card slot.

Source: https://www.nwcu.com/

Source: https://www.nwcu.com/

From the above image, you could understand the skimmerdevice looks the same as the real credit card slot. And you could also see some wires and chip on the skimmer. They usually scan the credit card and store there. To steal a password, cyber criminals generally use small cameras or keystroke devices like this one.

Source: https://www.nwcu.com/

Source: https://www.nwcu.com/

The above is the image of a keylogger, which will store your key stores.

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How does a Skimmer device work!

The three component used to steal credit card information are hidden camera, Skimmer device, Keylogger.

In the above image I have mentioned three components, without these a credit information will not be stolen. Let’s see how does a Skimmerdevice work.

When a person enters their credit card in the slot which is covered by a skimmerdevice, the credit card number will be stored in the destination they have kept. The skimmerdevice scans your chips and take the information like the credit card number, cardholder name, card expiry date etc., But skimmerdevice can’t take the password detail. So, the cybercriminals add a keylogger. A keylogger that looks the same as the original keypad. In some cases, instead of keyloggers, cyber criminals add cameras to capture the password. Mostly the camera’s will be present above the keypad.

Now the technology is very much improved so, the cyber criminals don’t need to manually go and take the skimmer device. They could take all the information wirelessly themselves. These skimmerdevice and keyloggers are very easy to get in the dark market, but most of them don’t work.

How to detect a skimmer device

  • Shake the credit card slot. Usually skimmer device are attached using glues and will come out by one turn.
  • Check if the keypad is overlaid or too much shaking from keypad.
  • Right above the keypad, check any small hole or any camera is present.

If you found something wrong, Immediately report it to the bank.

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As a result, I recommend everyone to follow the steps when you go to an ATM. In my opinion, I say Internet banking is safer. So, try to use Internet banking.

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