What is encryption? How encryption works exactly

What is Encryption? How Exactly Encryption Works!


In this post, you will learn What is Encryption and how exactly Encryption’s works. I hope you already have an Idea about encryption’s, so, please comment down below.


What is Encryption?

The process of converting human-readable plain text to ciphertext is called Encryption. Wait, I will explain Encryptions in an easy format. When we enter a website on the top left corner we could see a lock symbol that is encrypted. Generally, encryption’s keeps your data safer from Cybercriminals. But how?

When you transfer data or store it, it will be generally in the form of binary format. If you wanted to transfer data safely then you should use encryptions. Let’s see a real-life example, how encryptions work.

Example: Suppose you wanted to transfer money to your closed ones, and you are entering your banking detail in the site and while transferring, Your data will be interchanged.

Take a look at the below image. You would understand easily.

A plain text converted to cipher text and encrypted. Cryptographic keys.

Not only banking sited does encryption, but every site with HTTPS will also give encryption. From the above image, you could understand what is encrypted data.

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How Exactly Encryption Works

Full explanation of how exactly Encryption works.

Carefully look at the above image and I will be explaining everything from the image accordingly.

First, the sender sends plain text data, and it gets encrypted and forms encrypted data and the receiver receives those data by plain text. Along with the encrypted data, a public key and a private key is also added. Only if you have the key, you could unlock encrypted data and read in plain text. The keys are not real keys. The keys are also called as cryptographic key.

The key will be in a mathematical form and while decrypting, Randomly the devices choose many mathematical values and solve through mathematical form and decrypt the data. Then we could read in plain text.

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Types of Encryption

There are two types of encryptions, they are symmetric encryption and asymmetric. An asymmetric key is also called a public key.

Asymmetric encryption needs both Public key and private key, Public is used for encrypting and Private key is used for decrypting and both the keys have different values.

Symmetric encrypted keys have only one key for encrypting and decrypting. The same value is used for both encrypting and decrypting.

Mostly public encryption is used widely. Most of the popular sites like YouTube.com and google.com use public encryption data. Sites like techyrick.com use symmetric encryption.

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