What is kismet? - An overview

Kismet: what is? How it works – An Overview


In this post, you will learn what is kismet and how it works, an overview alone and in this post, I am not teaching how to scan using the tool. I have written a separate post on how to use Kismet in a step by step guide. The post is in the Hacking tools menu.

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What is Kismet?

Kismet is a “Network sniffer tool” and also an IDS (Intrusion detection sensor) tool. This tool generally sniffs through 802.11 layers 2 traffic. 802.11 includes 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11a etc.,

The tool works on a machine with a wireless card, Where it sniffs and displays the output.

The special feature of this tool is having IDS (sensor) and the tool is developed by Mike Kershaw and written in C++ Language.

What is kismet? How it works

Pic credit: By Knowhands enjoy keep (talk) – self-made, Public Domain, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17376035

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Who can use Kismet?

Kismet tool is an open-source packet sniffer, Available for all operating systems such as macOS, Windows and also Linux.

How does Kismet work?

Comparing to other packet sniffer tools, Kismet is the best among them because of the GUI(Graphic user interface), When the users open the tool there will be three sections in a GUI form.

Once the user gives the command to scan a Wifi network, The tool starts to scan the network by sending packets and will display in a GUI format.

The tool will display a secured and insecure network. If it is an insecure network display how insecure is the network. All these will be displayed in GUI format.

Further, the user found the weak network and then he/she could enter several commands and crack the network.

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This tool is one of the powerful packet sniffer tool and some alternative tools for Kismet is Nessus and Wireshark. And there are lot more tools but Nessus and Wireshark are my Alternatives to this tool.

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