What is Aircrack-ng

Aircrack-ng: What is? How it works, Beginner choice


In this post, you will learn what is Aircrack-ng and how it works, An overview alone. In this post I am not teaching how to work with Aircrack-ng, I have written a separate post on how to work with Aircrack-ng, The post is available in the hacking tool menu.

What is Aircrack-ng?

Aircrack-ng is a powerful wireless hacking tool but still depends on other tools for gathering information. In addition, this tool is a packet sniffer. By using this tool the user can do a targeted attack only. Aircrack-ng is written in C language.

This tool can also perform as a WEP encryption key recovery. So, overall this is an awesome wireless hacking tool. Some alternative for this tool is Kismet and Airodump-ng. The kismet tool has IDS sensors in addition.

The tool was initially released in the year 2007 and got an attraction from cyber experts.

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How Aircrack-ng works?

Aircrack-ng in a man mode

The suit includes attacks known as FMS, KoreK, PTW. The Aircrack-ng sniffs some of the network packets and finds any vulnerabilities using other tools such as Metasploit or Nikto. As I said before this tool is dependant on other tools.

Once the vulnerabilities are found the tool is ready for a wireless attack.

Specifically, the FMS attack is used against RC4 (Rivest cipher 4) encrypted keys. The KoreK attack is used against WEP-encrypted keys, Mostly public wifi will have WEP encrypted passwords.

PTW attack is used against WEP and WPA encrypted keys.

This tool can be used in many ways like doing a wireless attack, Monitoring the wifi network, Creating a fake access point and so on…

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Who can use Aircrack-ng?

The tool can be used by anyone, with any type of OS(operating system). Yes, the tool supports Windows, macOS, Linux etc.,

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