What is Wireshark

Wireshark: What is? Beginner’s choice


In this post, you will learn what is Wireshark and how exactly the tool works. In this post, I am not teaching how to command, I have written a separate post on how to work with this sniffing tool, It is in the hacking tool menu.

What is Wireshark?

Wireshark is a “Network protocol analyzer” tool. This is one of the very popular tools among hackers and pen testers. According to me, it is one of the best Network scanning tools.

The tool analyzes packets and in a network and the favourite part is the tool can deeply inspect individual packets.

Wireshark invented by Gerald combs in the year 1988. At the time the name was Ethereal and later the name changed.

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Who can use Wireshark?

The Wireshark used by anyone with any kind of OS. Therefore, this tool supports Windows, macOS, and Linux machines.

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How Wireshark works?

Wireshark follows two methods, The first is Network capturing and the second is the deep analysing mode.

Network capturing mode allows capturing packets in the targeted network for a long time and the second in deep analysis the scan should be stopped at a point and the user who owns the tool should give deep analysis on the scans and particularly look for the keys exchanged insecurely.

Below is an image of the tool’s terminals scanning network packets.

Wireshark terminal

Pic credit: By The Wireshark team screenshot: Vulphere – Self-taken; derivative work, GPL, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=81692859

The above Wireshark screenshot colour may vary in your system. The default colour of the terminals is white and blue and I change to black mode.

You could see a separate box below the red numbers and this box is created for human-readable format. The tool will interact with all the packets and display the output in a readable format too.


If you are a hacking enthusiast, give a try to this awesome tool. As I said in the Intro I have already written a post on how to work with Wireshark, you can find the post in the hacking tool menu.

Also, check these websites, they have given how to work on this particular tool from basic, Lifewire and Geek.

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