What are SSL and TLS? How SSL and TLS works exactly

What are SSL and TLS? What is the major difference?


In this post, you will learn what are SSL and TLS and their major difference. TLS is an upgrade of SSL, do you knew this. If not, read this post.

What is SSL? – SSL and TLS

SSL stands for secured socket layer. The SSL is a layer 4 Protocol, SSL encrypts your data on the internet so, no hackers can see what are you searching for. In technical words SSL allows your data to send and receive securely over the public Internet.

SSL is nothing but a small padlock near your domain name. If there is a padlock the, site is encrypted, which means the site is safer to use. Nowadays many hosting companies give SSL for free but some don’t give. If you don’t have an SSL you need to buy it and you should enable it. When you have an SSL certificate on your site your users will trust you.

SSL is using public-key encryption, which means it is using symmetric encryption. For both encrypting and decrypting the same key is used there is a chance for cybercriminals to see what you are doing on the internet.

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How SSL works?

SSL and TLS. How SSL and TLS works, In this image we will see how SSL works.

Carefully look at the above image, I will explain accordingly.

First users are sending data that becomes encrypted, and the plain text becomes into ciphertext or encrypted data and for decrypting a key is used, and the same key is used for encrypting. In technical words, the key for encrypting and decrypting is called a cryptographic key.

Along with this encryption and decryption process, the server also asks for an SSL certificate. In the SSL certificate, we could see pieces of information like who issued the certificate and to whom it is issued and also you will see the expiry date of the SSL certificate.

After the server receives the SSL certificate and checks are secured then the server gives the data you are searching for in a secured manner. If you don’t have an SSL certificate the server will also give the data you are searching for. But not in a secured way.

What s TLS? – SSL and TLS

TLS Stand for Transport layer security. The TLS is very much similar to SSL. The TLS also uses a 4 Layer protocol. TLS also allows to send and receive data in an encrypted form. TLS is designed to give Encryption, Authentication and data integrity.

The TLS is designed for end to end encryption. TLS is formed of two layers, Record protocol and Handshake protocol.

Record protocol allows communication with or without encryption. Handshake protocol ensures there is an end to end encryption and decryption algorithm.

Only modern web browsers support TLS and that’s why there is wide range of SSL used by users.

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How TLS Works?

The TLS works the same as SSL but they use different algorithms for encryption and decryption. And this Encryption is also called Asymmetric encryption.

*Sorry the title is written SSL HTTPS instead of TLS HTTPS

SSL and TLS. Let's see how SSL and TLS works. In this image we will see how TLS works.


Both SSL and TLS protect from sensitive data’s like Online credit card transactions, Any sensitive information exchanged online, Web-based email, Virtual private network…

I suggest you to access only HTTPS sites, Suppose if you wanted to access a HTTP site then use VPN.

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