How Web Cache wprks! Difference between Web Cache and Cookies

What is web cache? Difference between cache and cookies


In this post, you will learn what is web caching. Many think cache and cookies are the same, but it’s not, cache and cookies are very much different. Also, you will learn the difference between web cache and cookies.

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What is a Web Cache?

Web Cache or HTTP Cache. Only because of Cache, a site open very faster. The cache was invented by Maurice Wilkes to reduce the time speed of a website. Not only the website, there is also Memory Cache and this process takes place in devices (Internally).

The Caches are implemented on both the client side and the server side.

Take a look at the below image carefully, and I will explain accordingly.

What is a web cache? How it works.

First, the browser, request data, and then it goes through the cache and the server receives the requested data. Now the server will find and send the data and while going through Cache the Cache will take a Screenshot of the data.

So, Now the next time. You are searching for the same data, and the process will stop at the cache level itself. Because the same data is already stored in the Cache, and returns the data from the Cache. Now the requested data will not go to the server. This will reduce the time speed and makes the website faster.

What is a web cache and how they works exactly.

Caches usually stored in your Web browser and sometimes Caches are stored on the Server side also.

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Benefits of Web Cache

There is also benefits of Web Caches. The first is we have faster response time and reduce latency. Secondly the requested data is not going to the server then it reduces the bandwidth of the Internet. The third is less load on the server, even if the cache has full data stored but if the same data is update then it goes to server and comes back and gets cached with a new data.

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Difference between Cache and Cookies

Both Cache and Cookies are invented for better user performance. The Major difference between Cache and Cookies is, Caches store online page resources and data’s. Cookies store your browsing session and browsing history.

Cache website contents are stored in the browser onlyCookies contents are stored in browser and servers
Caches Expire ManuallyCookies Expire Automatically
Consumes large space in terms of capacityConsumes less space in terms of capacity
Types of Web caches are:
Browser Cache and Proxy Cache
Types of Cookies are:
1) Session Cookies
2) Persistent Cookies
3) Third-Party cookies
4) Zombie Cookies
5) Super Cookies
Caches store contents like
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Images
Cookies store contents like
Browsing history and browsing sessions

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