world wide web and how it works

What is world wide web and how it Works Exactly – Explained


In this post, you learn what exactly is (WWW) that is the world wide web. And also I have explained how it exactly works. In bonus, I have written about the major difference between the Internet and the world wide web.


What is WWW (world wide web)

WWW stands for “world wide web” also called a web. WWW is used by millions of people every day like you’re reading this post and ordering food, and everything you do on the Internet is you’re using WWW.

At first, I should say WWW is not the Internet or the Internet is not the worldwide web. The Internet is totally different from WWW. Later on, in this post below let’s see the difference between WWW and Internet.

Every content, we are seeing on Internet are stored in web servers in other words the contents are stored in local computers. We can access the contents through the Internet. Those contents contain text pages, images, audio, videos etc., Users like me and you can access the WWW from any part of the world using the Internet. Where the Internet just interconnects between the computers in order to receive the contents.

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How Exactly WWW works – World wide web

World wide web is not owned by anyone. Let’s see an example of how WWW works.

Example: Suppose you are a content creator. You wrote a post about James bond and you have just posted it on the web, and now you need an internet connection to access the James bond post. Before posting you should have a domain name, website host and Internet service, provider. Where the domain name is the title of your site, the Website host contains your content in a server and finally, ISP gives you an internet connection.

Take a look at the image below on how exactly world wide works.

We can how WWW ( World wide works exactly) To access world wide web we need internet connection.

From the above image, you could clearly see how a world wide web works.

First, the database that is your content. Secondly, your post on the WWW and the web host server keeps it. Thirdly we need the internet to access the content from WWW and through the internet, we access the content in the form of HTML and javascript. so, this is how a WWW works.

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Internet and WWW are not the same

Many think the Internet and the Web are the same but they are totally different from each other. Internet is used to send emails, domain registration, file transfer, web hosting. But WWW is accessed through a web browser to get the particular data. Basically, the Internet is used to connect Computers, But WWW is used to connect peoples. Take a look at the below image and see how the Internet and WWW works.

The difference between Internet and WWW is totally different from each other. Read fully to know the difference between them.

To learn more about ISP that is Internet service provider [Click here]

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