What is ISP

What is an ISP Exactly? The role of ISP Explained


In this post, you will learn what Exactly is an ISP and its role and also you will learn ISP is spying on you or not.

Most Internet service providers would know what are you searching for exactly. So, to be safe from the Internet service providers you must read the post.


What is an ISP?

ISP stands for ‘Internet service provider‘, It is a company that gives Internet service to its customers. This is the most common definition for an ISP.

However, the Internet is something a bunch of computers connected to each other to provide the Internet. On the other hand, ISP that is an Internet service provider get Internet from those connections and gives it to their customers. Probably ISP is like a host between the Internet and their users, users are nothing but people who consume the Internet.

Internet providers don’t stop by giving Internet to users, the Internet service provider should ensure the Network is safer or not and they should give Internet at a reasonable price, and ISP should face a kind of stuff.

So, the main role of the Internet service providers is to give Internet to the users in a secure way.

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How an ISP Works Exactly

Take a Look at the below Image on how an ISP Work Exactly.

The image gives a difference between ISP and direct Internet After seeing the image you will come to a conclusion that Internet will not be given directly to users.
ISP – Works – Exactly

After seeing the image you will come to a conclusion that the Internet will not be given directly to users. To give Internet to the users in a secure way ISP comes in they are also called an Internet service provider. Usually, ISP comes under Tire 2 but some ISP comes under Tire 1 also.

Now you may ask some ISP are in Tire 1 can’t they give Internet directly. Yes, they could give Internet directly but they should have a wide distribution network and they should ensure the Internet safely. Probably it is not possible to handle tons of weights in your head.

There is also Tire 3, Tire 3 Networks are usually given to cities, schools and colleges. Tire 3 Network is also called a Local area Network.

You may also ask what does an ISP provide

Internet service providers allow you to search on World wide web and in addition, they have various other services like E-mail service, Web hosting, domain registration, and also file transferring.

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Categories of ISP

Tire 1: In tire 1 Internet service provider, provides Internet all over the world. For example: AT&T

Tire 2: Most of the Internet service provider comes under Tire 2. Tire 2 is basically providing Internet inside the country. For example Airtel ( India ).

Tire 3: In tire three, the Internet is provided inside the city or a local area. For example: MTNL (India).

Is your ISP Spying you

The Exact answer to this question is they may not watch now but if they want to take your Private information they can access your information’s and take them. You may ask how? In the last paragraph, we have seen Internet service provider is giving additional services like email service, web hosting, domain registration and file transferring and also allow you to browse in WWW (World wide web).

Whenever you search for something or send an email or you transfer a file it first reaches your Internet service provider and then goes to the exact point. However the Internet service provider can track you at a basic level, they may know you have sent an email but they would not know what exactly you wrote in the email. You may search for a domain but an Internet service provider knows you are searching for a domain but they don’t know What exactly you are searching for.


I personally don’t believe my Internet service provider. To keep your data safer in addition you should use VPN ( Virtual private network ). To know more about VPN [Click here].

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