what is keylogger

What is a Keylogger? What will Keylogger do!


In this post, you will learn what Exactly is a Keylogger. And you will see the different kinds of Keyloggers and also on bonus I will teach how to stop Keyloggers.



A Keylogger is also called a Keystroke logger. A keylogger is a Malicious software created by cybercriminals to trick users of Keystroke. A Keylogger is a very common basic tool for hacking, and most of the Systems now are able to detect Keyloggers.

Keyloggers are used in Computers, Phones and also in Virtual Keyboards. Cybercriminals use Keyloggers to steal personal information, login credential and also to take sensitive data. But mainly Key loggers are used to stealing passwords.

Anyways, Keyloggers are used for good uses also like tracking company monitors, which will help to recover a deleted data.

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Types of Keyloggers

Keyloggers can either be Hardware-based or Software-based.

Hardware based Keyloggers

Hardware-based Keyloggers means a small device that is connected to a computer or keyboard. And also modules are installed on Keyboard. So, these all are Hardware based Keyloggers. Even If it is Hardware based Keylogger only if the user executes the Keylogger file the hacker will be able to track the user keystroke. If a hacker uses a Hardware-based Keylogger there is a high risk of getting caught that is because a user should go and insert the hardware type in a computer and also after the data are stored the hacker should be able to take the Hardware to check the data are stored. So, If a hacker uses this attack in a public place there is a high risk of getting caught.

Software based Keyloggers

Software-based Keyloggers are very easy to create at any time and easy to spread and also very easy to hide. If a software-based keylogger is installed it is very difficult to detect. In some cases, the threat may be inside your OS script this makes it very much harder to detect the Malware. To detect a software based Keystrokes we need specialized Anti malware to remove. Unless you execute the Keystroke malware the hacker will not be able to track you.

How to remove a Keylogger

Before removing a Keylogger you should be more precautious, First, go and check every cable secondly run a good Antimalware at last stay away from unwanted links. If a Keystroke is manually placed it is really very hard to find, then you should call a security analyst to check all the motherboards. If a Keylogger is installed on your computer don’t worry, Windows defender can handle it but in addition, you should use Antimalware. You should check for daily security updates and install them.

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