What is Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel: What is? How the tool works Overview


In this post, you will learn what is Cain and Abel and how the tool works. This post is just an overview or a summary of the tool. If you wanted to know how to work with the tool, I have written a post step on step guide for Cain and Abel tool. The post is available in the hacking tools menu.

What are Cain and Abel?

Cain and Abel is a password cracking tool, This tool is more effective in Microsoft operating system. And the tool itself is only available for Microsoft OS (Operating system).

This tool is open-source software, initially released in the year 2014. When you try to install the software, your current Windows OS will not accept the software. Because your OS thinks the tool is malicious software.

So, to install the software one should disable the Windows Anti-virus. The developers of the software are Massimiliano Montoro and Sean Babcock.

The tool can perform password cracking in such ways as, Brute-force attack, dictionary attack, Rainbow attack, Cryptanalysis attack.

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Who can use Cain and Abel?

As Cain and Abel are a windows based password cracking tool. So, only Windows users can use the tool.

*Remember to use a separate laptop or VM to do this activity, don’t use your daily use laptop.

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How do Cain and Abel work?

The tool works really very cool, just kidding. Firstly the tool creates a network adapter to listen in routers and wait for the data passing through the tool. There will be many data passing and probably there will be the targeted user password.

Caina and Abel interface

Once the person operating the tool gets the data he/she can straightly perform a brute-force or dictionary attack. Or even he can Cryptanalysis method.

The tool can also listen to VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) records, and even caches, cookies. Seems the tool is playing the Nmap role. But the Nmap works in both Linux and Windows systems.

But this tool effectively works only on the Windows Operating system.

The tool is very simple, once opened. The user should enter an IP address and the tool and some commands do other works. The tool will be in a GUI format.

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