How safe is incognito mode

Incognito Mode – How safe is Incognito Mode? How does Incognito work


In this post, you will learn what exactly is Incognito mode and is it really safe to use. And you will also learn what is incognito available in every browser.

You may come here after you have seen a recent search appearing in incognito mode and we will also see why those recent searches appearing in Incognito.


How Exactly Incognito Mode work

The basic principle operation of incognito mode works by keeping your history, browser caches, cookies and form data for a temporarily time only.

For example, You are searching for a product on the Internet and suddenly you close the browser. All the data will save internally on your computer. But if you use Incognito when you close the browser all the data’s will vanish.

The idea of Incognito is once you are done with your browsing session all your search information will get deleted automatically.

When to use Incognito Mode

You can use incognito mode for login into a website under a different account. And you should use incognito when you are using public Browsing centres. Even Incognito protects from cheap Advertisement. But Incognito mode is not safe as you expect.

What Incognito doesn’t do

When you use incognito mode still your employee or Internet service provider will be able to see what are you searching for.

But how do they do it?

Is Incognito sate to use. If not how do they see and track us
Is Incognito safe to use

Well, that is because incognito affects only internally. When you search for some product in incognito and you close the browser but the website you visited and the ISP and your employee will be watching you what you searched for.

But the products you searched for will have vanished from your device.

That is because the search goes through your ISP or School or Office servers. They can easily monitor what have you searched for, from their servers. Now you might have got an answer for the recent search appearance in incognito.

That is because your ISP is watching your activity closely.

How to go Actually Private

To go Actually private use VPN Over Tor and remember when you enable browser extension still it will leave a visible trace. Some of the data are still could be found with software recovery programs or inside your PC’s DNS Cache so, you should make sure you clear your DNS cache regularly.

To clear your DNS cache open command prompt > and type flushdns


In conclusion, I recommend you to use VPN Over Tor. And I conclude that simply using Incognito is not safer.

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