What is VPN

VPN : What Exactly is VPN ? Is VPN Really safe


In this post, we will learn what is a VPN and Is Virtual Private Network Really safer to use. You should have probably heard of VPN before and you should have probably used one before. But do you know what a VPN does? Let’s see about it in our blog post.

What is a VPN Exactly

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” basically Virtual private network means it gives privacy while you are online. Initially, VPN’s were originally used only in Businesses, organizations and Government sectors to keep their data’s secure. Nowadays everyone started to use Virtual private networks in order to secure their data’s. There are three things VPN hides from Everyone, firstly they hide your IP Address, secondly encrypts your data in a safer way, thirdly you can search on Internet Anonymously.

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But how does a VPN Work

Before knowing how does a Virtual private network works you must know about how the Internet works. Don’t worry I will teach you how the Internet works too. Let’s see an example of how the Internet works.

Example: Suppose you are entering a domain name in your browser, now the browser request the domain data’s to servers and the server brings back the domains data to your computer. This all takes place by IP Address, IP Address is an Address for your device and every device got an IP Address. Even the server got an IP Address.

Take a closer look at how the Internet works by seeing and analyzing the image.

How Internet works with out VPN . And the hacker could see everything in between.
How the Internet works without VPN

Let’s see another Image of how the Internet works with a Virtual private network

Here we could see how Internet works with VPN. Wen VPN is turned on no one can see you data.
Internet Works with VPN

The problem is when you search for a domain name or search for something else your computer sends additional information to the server and brings back the requested data. The additional data’s sent may be very sensitive like your location, device IP Address and your Operating system type and maybe your bank details. At this point, hackers enter and steal your data’s. But when your turn ON VPN it protects you from hackers and you can keep your privacy very safer.

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How does a VPN Protect your Privacy

When you search for Information online. A VPN creates a tunnel and encrypts what are doing. In this way, if someone holds your data no one can able read it. In addition, VPN’s has got an Additional server so, whenever your search on Internet the requested information goes through VPN Server and then goes to the original server. But remember the hackers can still hack you but it’s harder than you think.

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When to use VPN

You can use VPN’s in your day to day life and have no issues with that, when you wanted to watch American series you just want to change your server location to America in your VPN Settings. When you change from one server to another it’s like moving from place to place. And no one can trace you.

You can use VPN’s when you search for very sensitive data and also you can use VPN When you enter bank details.


If Government has got a search warrant they can check the servers. But they can’t track back to your device and some Virtual Private Network Servers has got no logging system that means nothing will be saved. Even if the government has a warrant they can’t do anything. But remember all VPN’s are not the same.

In conclusion, VPN’s can keep your privacy safe on the web by changing your location, encrypting your data and ensures your privacy.

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