Masscan: Full tutorial from noob to pro


In this post, you will learn what is Masscan and how it works and all the commands from basic to complicated are written by me. This is the best blog post to read about this tool. If you have any doubt comment down below. And the video format of the post is here


What is Masscan

Masscan is a network mapping tool, this is the second most used tool after NMap and this is the best tool for the NMap alternative.

This tool can scan the entire internet in under only 5 mins by sending over 10 million packets per second from a sing source. This is amazing …

The best alternative for this tool is NMap or ZMap, scanrand, unicornscan…


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Who developed Masscan?

The tool was developed by Robert David Graham, He is a look-alike of IT. Anything he seems to be very active in GitHub and you can catch him at

To install the tool in Debian based machines then enter this command

sudo apt-get install masscan 

What can this Masscan tool do ❓

This tool scans the target and enumerates the information it has got and one who did the scan will get information related to all the open ports of the target much more information.

Useful commands in Masscan

  • ip/range: anything on the command-line not prefixed with a ´-´ is assumed to be an IP address or range.
  • -p: specifies the port(s) to be scanned.
  • –rate: specifies the desired rate for transmitting packets.
  • –adapter-ip: send packets using this IP address.
  • –router-mac: send packets to this MAC address as the destination.
  • –ping: indicates that the scan should include an ICMP echo request.
  • –exclude: blacklist an IP address or range
  • –iflist: list the available network interfaces
  • –retries: the number of retries to send, at 1-second intervals
  • –nmap: print help about Nmap-compatibility
  • –output-format: indicates the format of the output file, which can be xml, binary, grepable, list, or JSON. The option –output-filename must be specified.


How to use Masscan ❓

Follow the examples along with me carefully to become a pro in Masscan tool

Example1: Installation

Installing Masscan tool and make sure the tool runs well

To install the tool enter this command

sudo apt-get install masscan

To check the tool runs good, do this command

masscan --regress

Now, we can see the tool runs well



Example2: Default scan

Doing a standard scan in masscan, use this command

sudo masscan <IP Address>/range -p80
sudo masscan -p80

-p specifying the port


Example3: Multi port scan

Doing a multi-port scan is really simple to follow this command and try it…

sudo masscan -p1-50

Here we are scanning ports from 1 to 50

port scan

Example4: Random port scan

Lets scan for various specific ports

sudo masscan -p1,20,80
masscan scan

Example5: UDP

Doing a UDP scan, just do this command…

masscan -pU:53

-pU scanning UDP

udp scan

Example6: Speed

Increasing the speed of the scan, to increase the speed of the scan enter this command

sudo masscan --rate 10000 -p80

–rate is increasing the speed of the scan


Example7: Exclude IP

Exclude an IP address while scanning

sudo masscan -p0-1000 --exclude=

–exclude excluding a particular IP address here it is


Example8: Scan IP from .txt file

Now let’s see how to exclude a bunch of IP addresses

sudo masscan -p0-65535 --excludefile exclude.txt


Example9: Open port

scan for only open ports

masscan  -p80 --open-only
open port scan

Masscan Example10: Version

Gathering the server version by entering –banners

masscan --excludefile -pU:53 --banners
service and version in masscan

Example11: Full scan

Doing a full scan in masscan ????

masscan -p 0-65535 --rate 1000000 --open-only --http-user-agent \
"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:67.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/67.0"\-oL "output.txt"
full scan in masscan

Masscan Example12: Save output

Saving the output in different formats

masscan -p 0-65535 -oX "file"

-oX xml

-oL txt

-oG grepable

-oJ Json

-oB binary

Instead of -oX you can save in all these formats ????

masscan output


According to my knowledge, this tool is fine but not good and comparing to masscan I will prefer Nmap. Yes, NMap is better than Masscan…


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